Session 5
The Journey Begins

The standard forge is not working to heat up the mithrill. Revak does some research to figure out the properties of the metal and how to forge it. He also finds some general information of his families homeland. 

With this information in front of the heroes, they get ready for an epic adventure. However their departure is hastened when they find out some thieves and shady people have found some information about them and are looking for their wand.

The heroes leave the town of White Grove, headed for a long journey to the Bellowing Hills. A mountain range north of Goldcrest. 

With the dwarves Bosco and Revak in a hurry to bring honor to their name and family, Ira, perrin and gil have no choice but to head out to reclaim the Dwarven homeland.

Soon after their departure, the party is attacked by a pack of gnolls. When the pack is defeated, they find they are not alone. A small boy watched the encounter happen. 

Session 4
The Cave

Alton T'sarran wandered the halls of the filthy goblin compound. What a pitiful task. Handling the Goblins and their winnings from the raid. Working with the filthy creatures, as well as orcs and worst of all those vile deep gnomes. But it had to be done; the plan had worked this far. Only a few more hours and they will be safely on their way back to the massive web of the spider queen. But a few more hours is all they had. Because they were coming. 

Whip! Faster your filthy gnomes! dig faster!

Weeks they've spend in this nasty hovel. Weeks they have waited to steal from that wretched human town. Gathered all the goblin tribes in the area, and coordinated that awful raid.  But as pitiful as it was, they got what they needed. Oh how it was all worth it.  

As Alton looked down at the beautiful wand, memorized by its potential power, he realized in that instant that he would not be the only one hearing it's call. They were coming. They want to take it. And how he knew he wouldn't even get to use it. That some priestess would likely take it from him and shove him to the ground. But if only he could use it once. Even if it meant his own doom.

Yes. just once. If he ever found himself in the last seconds of life. He would use the wand to its fullest, and feel its power. 

Because like most of his drow kin, that's all Alton would hope for in life; Power. Even if only for an instant. To feel as the spider queen does; all powerful and in control.


A crackle of thunder broke his gaze on the magnificent wand. From just a room away. Are they here? already? none of the preperations have been made! How are we to escape? He clasped the wand to his belt and took his belongings. Leaving this room and heading to the mining room, to the tunnel. The only excape. The worried look on his brothers told him all he needed to know. The gnomes were not going to dig us out in time. We would have to fight here. 


The roar broke the silence between the Drow. Russel Caine burst into the room. Looking at his helpless Dog. 

The drow burst into laughter. Thinking they were near their death, smiles widened and laughter burst when they saw their suspicions was only an escaped prisoner. Pointing a dagger at the ranger's dog got the rise out of him they needed. Easing the tension and even bringing the merciless drow cruel pleasure.

Then Behind the angered Russel Caine, A blacksmith turned into a Dire Wolf, and fear returned to the Drow.

Session 3
The Awakening

Lightning struck a mountain. Coincidence? Chance? Fate? Divine intervention? Whatever caused that lightning, and where it struck, a few things happened because of it.

A tree was struck; Split down the middle. Which called a ranger from the woods to incestigate.

A dwarf of great knowledge learned that a lightning strike to a silver vein can create mithrill.

A blacksmith, trying to create his great Ful'komnun, sent his apprentice in search of this magical metal to complete his masterpiece.

Gil has been playing tales of heroism. Getting amazing feedback from the town. He aids perrin revak and aelar in search of great tales and life experience. 

Ira takes on the road in a different light. Chasing bravery and trying to leave his shame and perceived cowardice behind, he follows his companions in search of finding himself.


Once on the road, some interesting things happen. Each and every person finds out a little bit about themselves.

Ira finds his courage, and learns the true power of his martial prowess. 

Revak learns that he has a divine power, communing with nature and commanding his hammer to strike down his enemies with divine fire.

Perrin calls upon nature to aid him in his battles, but finds he's a little closer to nature than he thought. Turning himself into an actual dire Wolf, he felt the strength as he ripped the head clean off the troll.

Aelar, one with nature as well, learned that she could heal and restore life force back to perrin in his wounded time of need.


With much ahead of them, the heroes have a lot to discover. About themselves and about the confusing and amazing world they call home.

Session 2
The Ogre-Slayer

The Ogre came knocking at the gate. Follower by scorea of goblins and almost a dozen orcs. The heroes followed their premonitions and saved the city from sure destruction. Revak saw some orcs take a chest containing one of miles' most precious artifacts and some books containing integral pieces of information for the curious dwarf.

Perrin gained significant renown in the city, being the one to go beyond the wall and face the Ogre head on.

Session 1
The Goblin Nightmare

Going about their daily lives, our heroes and their town were caught off guard by a fierce goblin raid. They were all cut down in defence of their home only to find out that it was just a horrible dream. Just a fleeting nightmare. A nightmare shared by 4 people though.

The crackle of thunder starts the rain storm.

An Ogre crashes through the wall at noon.

Goblins crawl up the wall in the south just before noon.

Guards on the wall were seen missing by Revak.

When the heroes awoke, they met one another and talked about the situation. Revak and Ira talked a town guard on the wall to keep an extra close eye and bring up another guard.

Perrin spoke with his teacher and convinced him to stay inside the shop for the rest of the day.

Gil announced his performance at 11:45

Revak challenged Russel, the town ranger/bounty hunter to archery contest.

Ira dropped a note to the town guard about the Orge at noon.

Adventure Log
Session information

Session 0

Starting town will be the Twin Towns of WhiteGrove. Two small towns, connected by a strip of road. Competitive in commerce, but allied in the Neverending defence against goblins, Raiders, dragons, monsters, and of course, magic.

Magic is completely forbidden in the known human world, most would even doubt it's existance. But to practice sorcery and mettle with supernatural forces is to subjugate yourself to death and be named a witch.

Our heroes do not know one another. But their courage will set them above the common folk, and fate will have it that they become friends.


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