Revak Kursiv

Young Dwarf with chain mail, black tabard bearing his war hammer and shield


Appearance: Pale skin with a reddish tint to it. Stands at 4’10 and is 150 lbs. Has long grey hair that is braided and shaved on the sides of his head. He has a goatee and mustache that go into a braid that hangs at mid throat. His cheeks aren’t as round since he is only 20 and hasn’t developed the heavy beer and food habit that older dwarves end up having. He wears chain mail that is covered by a black tabard with a hood. There is an K within a ring of Ivy sewn into the left chest of the tabard. All members of the Kursiv family wear this emblem. He carries a war hammer and Shield that both have the symbol of a book wreathed in Ivy upon them. The war hammer has Ivy wrapping from the sides of the hammer down the handle of the Hammer.

Looks approachable, but can also choose to be very serious if people are being rude to him, his family, or close friends.


My home is a small living quarters in the midst of the Library of RuneForge. My earliest memories are of playing amongst the shelves of books while my mother and father helping dwarves find specific volumes or tomes. I had enjoyable hours of learning how books were organized, how they were repaired and then the beautiful adventures they could take you on. Each book from the most boring instruction manual, to the legends of the dwarves can take you on it’s own special adventure.
My family as far back as we can catalog has been rigorous at 2 hobbies. Working with the families battle hammer, Ivy, and the growth of our little underground garden. Within the depth of Runeforge in a corner of the Library we have our humble, yet well tended garden. My mother is no longer alive, and my father never speaks of her, so I’m not sure what happened with her death. I have questions, but i don’t want to push him.

The repair station in the lower level of the Library has become low on on our stock of White Oak which we use to bind all the Royal families tomes. So my father has sent me for the first time to fulfill the mission for the Glory of our Family. I have never been outside Runeforge or the mountains around it. I am leaving with a small caravan and heading to a trading town called White Grove. I have been given gold to buy White Oak, fine threads, fine inks, quills, and paper for all of our artistic needs. I also want to secure several seeds for a White Oak, I hope to gift my father with a sapling for our garden. I hope to honor my family, but i have read so many stories about the world, that i cannot help but look forward to meeting other races. They may not be dwarves, but i have read stories where humans and elves have helped us. Old grudges in my young age i have a hard time accepting that all people of a race are to be judged by actions of few.

Revak Kursiv

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