Bosco IronBeard

Master Blacksmith


“Best damned weapons North of Old Stead. And I’m fer knowin. I’ve been that far”
- Russel Caine

“Tough Dwarf bastard knocked out half me teef in one punch. Pay for what you owe him or you got it comin.”
-Seth Turner

Bosco Ironbeard, of clan Iron beard. Traveled to the south in search of new trade, to boast his skill among humans, and to take on a human apprentice and pass his expertise down. His goal deep down is to better prepare the common folk to defend themselves from the evil in the world. And as Bosco always says “If yer for fightin, ye might as well have a weapon ye trust to hit, and armor ye can trust to keep yer from harm”


Bosco IronBeard

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