Session 6

The Stay At Lord Caine's Manor

The Heroes followed Charlie Caine to his father's castle and the quaint town of LonelyWood.

- Suspicious activity in the woods attributed to "The Witch of LonelyWood" She killed The Lords Firstborn, Maximilian 10 years ago.

- Russell Caine has denounced his claim of Lordship, and Charlie is to be the next Lord, represenative of LonelyWood to Goldcrest.

- Simon from the Bar, "The Salty Dog" Told Ira a little bit more about the witch, that she apparently messes with people in the woods, killing animals and plants, and that she has a magical robe from a long dead wizard. Simon was a nice man, and sells adventuring gear from willowspring to Goldcrest.

-The Witch had supposedly been executed 3 days ago but there's been evidence after her "death" that makes the people think they accused the wrong person. Heroes investigated the body and she was still there. 

-Ira and revak learned and harvested wood known as "Wolfs-Bane" because of  story in a book about a man supposedly using it to kill a werewolf.

-In town, the heroes went by clever aliases to cover their tracks. 

-They found books in the Lord's Library: The Monsters of the Bellowing Hills, The Minins exploits of Gildabar

- Leaving the town, the heroes came across a dead deer, some dead flowers, and a dead tree, all withered and black.

-They came across a bridge troll with a toll fee. They paid it with a precious goblet looted from the goblin caves.

-exploring the mountain pass to the bellowing hills, the heroes encoutered an Ettin working with the troll and some "Thieves" nearby. They killed the Ettin and took his treasure.

-When they went back to their caravan, they discovered Bosco and Perrin were being held in danger by 11 figures of in the distance.



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