Session 5

The Journey Begins

The standard forge is not working to heat up the mithrill. Revak does some research to figure out the properties of the metal and how to forge it. He also finds some general information of his families homeland. 

With this information in front of the heroes, they get ready for an epic adventure. However their departure is hastened when they find out some thieves and shady people have found some information about them and are looking for their wand.

The heroes leave the town of White Grove, headed for a long journey to the Bellowing Hills. A mountain range north of Goldcrest. 

With the dwarves Bosco and Revak in a hurry to bring honor to their name and family, Ira, perrin and gil have no choice but to head out to reclaim the Dwarven homeland.

Soon after their departure, the party is attacked by a pack of gnolls. When the pack is defeated, they find they are not alone. A small boy watched the encounter happen. 


DM_Chad DM_Chad

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