Session 3

The Awakening

Lightning struck a mountain. Coincidence? Chance? Fate? Divine intervention? Whatever caused that lightning, and where it struck, a few things happened because of it.

A tree was struck; Split down the middle. Which called a ranger from the woods to incestigate.

A dwarf of great knowledge learned that a lightning strike to a silver vein can create mithrill.

A blacksmith, trying to create his great Ful'komnun, sent his apprentice in search of this magical metal to complete his masterpiece.

Gil has been playing tales of heroism. Getting amazing feedback from the town. He aids perrin revak and aelar in search of great tales and life experience. 

Ira takes on the road in a different light. Chasing bravery and trying to leave his shame and perceived cowardice behind, he follows his companions in search of finding himself.


Once on the road, some interesting things happen. Each and every person finds out a little bit about themselves.

Ira finds his courage, and learns the true power of his martial prowess. 

Revak learns that he has a divine power, communing with nature and commanding his hammer to strike down his enemies with divine fire.

Perrin calls upon nature to aid him in his battles, but finds he's a little closer to nature than he thought. Turning himself into an actual dire Wolf, he felt the strength as he ripped the head clean off the troll.

Aelar, one with nature as well, learned that she could heal and restore life force back to perrin in his wounded time of need.


With much ahead of them, the heroes have a lot to discover. About themselves and about the confusing and amazing world they call home.


DM_Chad DM_Chad

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