Session 1

The Goblin Nightmare

Going about their daily lives, our heroes and their town were caught off guard by a fierce goblin raid. They were all cut down in defence of their home only to find out that it was just a horrible dream. Just a fleeting nightmare. A nightmare shared by 4 people though.

The crackle of thunder starts the rain storm.

An Ogre crashes through the wall at noon.

Goblins crawl up the wall in the south just before noon.

Guards on the wall were seen missing by Revak.

When the heroes awoke, they met one another and talked about the situation. Revak and Ira talked a town guard on the wall to keep an extra close eye and bring up another guard.

Perrin spoke with his teacher and convinced him to stay inside the shop for the rest of the day.

Gil announced his performance at 11:45

Revak challenged Russel, the town ranger/bounty hunter to archery contest.

Ira dropped a note to the town guard about the Orge at noon.


DM_Chad DM_Chad

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